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The cooking methods vary according to product type and weight, so please always read the instructions written on the package.

Almost all the Righi baked goods can be removed from the freezer and baked in oven already at a suitable temperature:

  • The small puff pastries, such as pizzas, panzerotti, snacks etc, when thawed, can present problems in the dough development . It is therefore recommended to pass directly from freezer to preheated oven following the temperature and cooking time instructions on the packaging.
  • The savoury pies (Erbazzone, Sfogliate, ...) require more preparation time ( about 30 minutes) at slightly lower temperatures (180 ° -200 ° C) to ensure proper cooking of the dough and filling. It is better use the open grill instead of the closed baking pan for products heavier than 250 gr.

The products to be fried like gnocco fritto, to let them inflate and assume that traditional appetizing look, need to be soaked in hot lard or oil for about 4 minutes, turning them during half cooking.

The stuffed pasta products have to be consumed after cooking in boiling salted water (ravioli) or broth (Cappelletti) for 8 minutes.

Do not forget that these tips are really indicative because the cooking systems variability determines the slightly different cooking times. You should always check the product towards the end of cooking.