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When we were young
The history of Company Righi began in 1985 when the founder, from a workshop, began producing frozen Erbazzone, a savory pie made with spinach and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese typical of the Emilian tradition. The intention to repropose a centuries-old recipe in a modern way, with a quality product and ready in few minutes, is the key to the success of the original business idea.

The evolution
In the early '90s the company turns from the small workshop into a medium size company The evolution fit is reflected in its expanding range of offered products and distribution development with its presence in all the major retail companies and HO. RE.Ca operators throughout the national territory.

The Dutch period
In June 2005 company Righi was purchased by Royal Wessanen NV, the Dutch multinational specialized in development, production and distribution of specialty foods in Europe and America. The Ducth fell in love with the quality of our products, with the excellent range of products offered, well-structured organization and the prospects for expansion in domestic and foreign markets. In 2009 the parent company decided to sell Righi as part of a plan to dispose of the entire frozen segment worldwide.

The re-acquisition
was purchased in December of 2009 through a MBO from a group of partners -manager, working in the company since many years . The will and the commitment to keep the company in Reggio Emilia as symbol of the city entrepreneurship, with the challenge of recovering the full value of a brand known and appreciated have been the key driver for the new property at closing of the purchasing phase.

The future prospects
The objectives of growth and consolidation of the company will be achieved through the development of new markets, channels and products, but especially through the recovery of the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that has always characterized the company. But also through the development of business culture, professional skills and human resources on which the company has launched a big investment plan.