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Cooking time 25'
For the oven 180°C
Oven bake before eating. For best results bake directly from frozen in a preheated oven at 180°C for approximately 25 minutes, until browned to taste.
Family size Family size
Number of pieces/portions 4 servings
in Italy

Bring to the table all the flavor and simplicity of a wholesome, appetizing product prepared to a traditional homemade recipe. The VALDOSTANA PIE is a tasty treat made with fragrant puff pastry and a delicate, tasty filling. Cheese and cooked prosciutto are traditional regional fillings, which also include speck and mortadella depending on culinary traditions and local custom. The new PUFF PASTRY, light and skilfully crafted, gives our VALDOSTANA PIE a delicate, flavorsome aroma.
For best results serve warm. Accompanied with a fresh green salad and cherry tomatoes, it's a perfect meal for any season.

RIGHI'S VALDOSTANA PIE is a satisfying meal for a family lunch or dinner and a quick, ready-to-cook everyday option


Freezer ****
-18°C Best before date: see packaging
** -12°C Consume within one month
of purchase
* -6°C Consume within one week
of purchase
  Do not refreeze
after thawing

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